Jul 15 2006

2006 SIAF banquet opening speech

Yours Truly exercises his speaking skills at the Shareware Industry Awards
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´╗┐Ladies and Gentlemen. If you know your history, you know that Jim Button and Andrew Fluegelman started the shareware concept in 1982. It’s been nearly a quarter-century — a quarter century! — and ten years later, in 1992, we started celebrating the shareware concept at this yearly awards banquet.

And so we come together tonight to celebrate at the 15th Annual Shareware Industry Awards banquet. But how did we get this far? Why do we wear tuxedos … and evening gowns … and sumo wrestling outfits? (How’s that leg, Harold? All healed up? Good.)

We can largely thank Michael Callahan — aka Dr. File Finder — for establishing this prestigious event in 1992. Back then we had just nine categories and thirteen voters (that’s thhhhhhhirteen), and the People’s Choice Awards were voted on by visitors to bulletin boards. Today, there are several thousand voters in 87 countries. Every state in the U.S. Every province in Canada. The awards, like shareware itself, have grown to encompass a wide range of companies from the very small to the very large.

Rob emcees the 2007 SIAF ceremonies

Rob emcees the 2007 SIAF ceremonies

All of the celebrating we’ve done over the years — all of the honors we’ve bestowed — all of it started in 1992, thanks to the vision of one man.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Michael Callahan.

Welcome to the 15th Annual Shareware Industry Awards. I’m your Master of Ceremonies, Rob Rosenberger. Tonight, we honor the industry’s cream of the crop in the year 2006. This event was conceived to honor the very best products written by Shareware developers.

If you look at your printed program, you’ll see the many winners of past years. These are the pioneers who paved the way for shareware. Tonight we honor those who break new ground and set new standards of excellence in the computing age….