Aug 05 2008

Straight flush on the river

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Six players limp (!) into a pot in the second round of an ULBPC event. “drg3953″ bets out after the flop to see where he stands. “1sensfan1″ raises him with nothing more than top pair, decent kicker, inside straight draw. “mckague1″ calls the raise with bottom pair, a straight draw, a flush draw, plus a bottom-end straight flush possibility; he’s 54% to win based on what we know. “drg3953″ calls the raise as well.

Straight flush 8-to-Q

Straight flush on the river

The turn completes a straight for “mckague1″ and brings a dangerous top two pair for “1sensfan1,” leaving him only 9% to win and 7% to tie based on what we know. Any ten has a killer lead at this point (not to mention a limped pair of 9s), but “1sensfan1″ pushes it all in anyway. “mckague1″ gleefully calls and “drg3953″ folds. The river brings the case card for a straight flush and “mckague1″ doubles up.