Aug 07 2008

Quads on the turn

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The bubble has burst and “rsnbrgr” has the short stack in an ULBPC event. “horsefox” folds on the button; chip leader “goofymama5″ merely calls from the SB with pocket 6s; and “rsnbrgr” checks his option with a suited Q8.

Quads on the turn

Quads on the turn

The flop brings trips. “goofymama5″ bets the pot because her ultra-conservative opponent will predictably fold if he’s got nothing. This time, though, “rsnbrgr” raises 3x her bet, yet “goofymama5″ calls it in disbelief even though her opponent could very plausibly have a king.

The turn brings quads. “goofymama5″ checks, so “rsnbrgr” bets nearly half the pot to entice his opponent if she’s got a king. “goofymama5″ calls the bet.

An ace falls on the river and “goofymama5″ checks. “rsnbrgr” bets roughly 1/8th of the pot: a paltry two chips that doesn’t put him all in. “goofymama5″ will lose to any ace, king, queen, or any higher pocket pair — in other words, her pocket 6s can only beat a bluff. “rsnbrgr” has played ultra-conservatively, hasn’t shown a single bluff, and has fired three bullets at this pot — in other words, he’s telegraphing the incredible strength of his hand. “goofymama5″ will (technically) remain the chip leader if she calls the river bet, and so she calls the bet in disbelief. “rsnbrgr” displays his quads and hauls in 3,900 chips.