Aug 28 2008

One station’s patience may pay off after all

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The local Yogi Stop gas station across from Shaw AFB, SC amazed me until today. They remain steadfast with diesel at $4.64 when all of their competitors sell it for $3.92 to $4.15.

I believe Yogi Stop refueled their above-ground tank at the very height of this summer’s diesel gouging. When the price finally started to drop, I thought “that manager is nuts if he thinks diesel will return to its historic gouging levels before the Democratic convention.” I fully expected the fuel speculators would lock in their profits so as not to give the Dems a vocal platform during their little shindig.

Fuel prices slowly dropped from their historic marks as the Obama-rama drew closer. It’s all over tonight but for the shouting—

—and wow, here comes Hurricane Gustav plus Hurricane Hannah! Yogi Stop started gouging +5¢ this afternoon for gasoline even though neither hurricane has made landfall in the gulf region.

So maybe this manager’s patience will pay off after all. Diesel only needs to jump 70¢ to bring Yogi Stop back into the game … with months-old fuel sitting in an above-ground tank that gets direct sunlight in 100-plus degree weather.