Sep 17 2008

Empty tanks? Let’s lower our price!

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Yesterday I noted the fact a BP station ran out of gas on Route 441 across the street from a gate leading into Shaw AFB, SC. “If I owned a gas station and my tanks ran dry,” I mused, “I’d lower my prices by a dime to make my competitors suffer for their own gouging.”

Wouldn’t you know it? Sometime today between 6:45am and 11:15am, that empty BP station lowered prices by 8¢ across the board. They don’t sell gas, but at least it’s on sale. “Hurray.”

It appears the Carolina Petro station one block down the road still advertises a ten-gallon limit. And yes, they sell gas for 8¢ more than the BP station that has no gas. You gotta love the gas station industry.

Remember my prediction, folks. When the next hurricane blows through a distant state like Texas, the folks here in Sumter, SC will see more gas stations with ten-gallon limits and a cash-only policy…