Sep 18 2008

Full apartment on the river

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“donjuan1471″ likes to show aggression but tends to respect “rsnbrgr” for his conservative play. Here he calls a raise with muck just to protect his blind.

Full apartment on the river

Full apartment on the river

The flop brings trip treys for “rsnbrgr”; both players check. The turn brings bottoms full; “rsnbrgr” feels he has the winning hand and checks it to let his opponent buy the pot. “donjuan1471″ checks behind.

The river brings a full apartment. If he’s facing pocket 4s, then “rsnbrgr” is destined to lose the hand. But his opponent might have been trapping with a 4, or he might have pocket 5s or better. And who knows? With a full house on the board, many new players will call all in hoping to chop the pot. “rsnbrgr” goes for the gusto.

“donjuan1471″ faces a dilemma. He can only play the board. It’s a full house, but the case 3 or either remaining 4 will beat him. Worse: any pocket pair above deuces will beat him. His opponent wants him to risk 2,000 to win 150 on a chop. “donjuan1471″ makes the call and sees the bad news.