Sep 23 2008

Rock Hall snubs the truly great (but what’s new?)

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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame released its nominee list for 2009. As usual, they stiffed Hüsker Dü, Jethro Tull, Rush, XTC, Yes, and Peter Gabriel.

I think they’ve stiffed Genesis and the Monkees too (I could be wrong) — and if they’ve stiffed Hüsker Dü, then you know they’ll eventually stiff Bob Mould’s solo career.

Rush, XTC, and Yes once again fail to garner an HoF nomination…

Don’t even get me started about The Stooges’ nomination: it only occurs each year because Iggy Pop hasn’t yet died on stage. The Stooges is to the Rock Hall as Metallica is to the Grammies … an embarrassing bastard child who keeps demanding to be part of the “real” family. The guitaratti treat The Stooges with contemp just like Michael Corleone treated Vincent Mancini.

(Yes yes yes, I could have made a reference to Thomas Jefferson’s bastard child. But I’m waiting for The Godfather director’s cut to come out on Blu-Ray.)

The Stooges might actually get their due someday, but right now the Rock Hall uses them as a shield to protect them from the non-nominees.

Bias: I attended Rush and Yes concerts on two continents in the ’70s & ’80s. My kid sister and I have a running joke about my getting called away for Air Force duty every time she snagged tickets to a Peter Gabriel concert. I’d fly anywhere on Earth to see XTC in concert if Andy Partridge could ever get over his stage fright and get any two other bandmates to reunite.

Numerous rock & roll icons deserve a nomination more than {ahem} Chic. But hey, that’s the Rock Hall for you…