Sep 29 2008

Quad tens loses to a royal flush

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“Racingteam65″ limps on the button as the short stack with a pathetic offsuit ten-trey. The SB folds; “Lonadi” checks his option with a suited big slick.

Opponent makes quads against a royal flush

Opponent makes quads against a royal flush

The flop brings the nut straight for “Lonadi” with a nut flush draw plus a royal redraw. In simple terms: he flopped a monster. He checks. “Racingteam65″ has nothing more than bottom pair with a bad kicker. He bets 2/3 of the pot to see where he stands; “Lonadi” makes the minimum raise. “Racingteam65″ calls it.

The turn brings the deadliest card in the deck. “Racingteam65″ makes trips with a bad kicker while “Lonadi” makes a ROYAL FLUSH. “Lonadi” bets 100. “Racingteam65″ acts like he’s committed to the hand — he raises 100 despite a flush possibility and despite the pair on the board. “Lonadi” re-raises 100. “Racingteam65″ pushes in his last 280 and “Lonadi” calls.

The river brings the case ten, adding insult to injury. “Racingteam65″ makes quads but loses to a royal flush. He busts out.