Oct 23 2008

Straight flush loses to a higher straight flush

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It’s an aggressive 100/200 side table and a new player has just blinded into the game. One player limps; “Martha Angel” raises 7xBB from early position with only an unsuited KT. All three blinds call it, as does the limper plus two others. Seven players go to the flop with 11,200 in the pot.

Straight flush loses to a higher straight flush

Straight flush loses to a higher straight flush

The flop includes an ace with two spades. Everyone checks to “Martha Angel,” who bets 1/5 of the pot with nothing more than an inside straight draw. Two players fold. Four players call it, including “HD DEUCE 03″ who paired his ace with a good kicker. The pot stands at 22,200 with one nearly pot-committed player.

The turn brings a third spade. “gnom69″ nails the top straight and checks; he was nearly pot-committed going into the turn and now it’s definite. “H’em_or_T’em” can draw a bottom inside straight flush; he bets meekly to see where he stands. “Martha Angel” makes a minimum raise with only a second-nut flush draw, pushing her to the brink of commitment. “HD DEUCE 03″ flat-calls, pushing himself to the brink of commitment with a strong paired ace plus the top inside straight flush draw. The only deep-stack player finally folds. “gnom69″ flat-calls despite being pot-committed. “H’em_or_T’em” flat-calls the raise, pushing himself to the brink of commitment.

Four nearly / fully pot-committed players see a river with a 33,400 pot. Two players nail a straight flush. “gnom69″ checks his straight. “H’em_or_T’em” throws 10,900 all in with a bottom straight flush. “Martha Angel” will lose to three better flush cards, but she flat-calls. “HD DEUCE 03″ pushes all in above her call with the stone cold nuts.

Yes, “gnom69″ is pot-committed. But three opponents have demonstrated their commitment at the river and any spade will beat him. He should keep his remaining chips at this point, yet he decides to give away his last 3,800 to the main pot.

You can expect results like this when six players dare to call a mon­strous pre-flop raise with any two cards…

Yes, “Martha Angel” is pot-committed. But let’s remember what happens when six players dare to call a monstrous pre-flop raise with any two cards. An ace fell on the flop and three players called all of her raises all the way to the river. One player has now re-raised her all in, creating a third pot. In other words, someone very probably has the spade ace. Worse: the 7 and the queen will crush her, too. What can she possibly hope to beat at this point with a fourth-nut hand? Still, “Martha Angel” makes a crying call, dumping her last 5,700 chips in pot #3.

“HD DEUCE 03″ turns over the spade queen, taking down three pots valued at 81,300 (3.5x his original stack). “Martha Angel” shows her king to the table as if to prove she took a bad beat. “H’em_or_T’em” shows his 7 to the table and announces “i had one” (a straight flush) too.

Okay, so one player in early position makes a monstrous pre-flop raise and six opponents call it. Here’s the amazing thing. Only one had an ace (not the spade) and no one had a flush draw on the flop. With all of the raising at every stage of betting … how on earth did four players manage to get all in after the river card fell?