Oct 28 2008

He raised into the nuts

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Five players have settled down to a real game of poker. The two big stacks, “Hawk Fan 103,” limp. The SB folds to protect his short stack; “rsnbrgr” checks his option with a mucky king.

Making an all-in raise against the nuts

Making an all-in raise against the nuts

The flop brings trip 8s for “rsnbrgr” and he checks. The two big stacks check behind him. The turn brings the case 8, giving “rsnbrgr” quads; he checks. “Hawk Fan 103″ bets roughly 2/3 of the pot in an effort to buy it, only to face a minimum raise. He makes a disbelieving call.

The river brings a deadly jack. “rsnbrgr” bets meekly to entice a disbelieving call — but “Hawk Fan 103″ raises him all in. “rsnbrgr” announces “easy call” and turns over the nuts for the win…