Nov 13 2008

Full apartment on the river

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It’s still early in the first round. “dustydracula” makes a predictable minimum raise and five opponents end up calling it — including “rsnbrgr” who decides to treat pocket jacks as a speculative hand.

Full apartment

Full apartment

The flop brings top set for “rsnbrgr” and he checks. The rest of the table checks behind him. The turn gives “rsnbrgr” top full house and he checks again. This time “JimP46″ makes a bet, implying he holds a 5. “rsnbrgr” flat-calls and the rest of the table folds.

The river brings the case jack, giving “rsnbrgr” a full apartment. He realizes “JimP46″ either has something he can’t let go of, or he’s got nothing. “rsnbrgr” doesn’t want to reveal his hand for free, so he bets out. “JimP46″ folds.