Nov 27 2008

After-the-fact price stability proves earlier gouging

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Diesel has remained stable at $2.99 for a very long time at the Shell station right outside Shaw AFB, SC. This, despite the fact diesel now costs 50¢ less just a few miles down the road in the heart of the sales district. This Shell simply won’t tag along with diesel’s slow, steady price slip.

The long-term stability of their price now exposes their price gouging during the hurri­cane season

I and my diesel-guzzling friends believe this particular Shell station sells very little diesel: we feel it sits underground for extended periods and grows stale. It seems obvious to say “they paid a high price for what’s in the ground and they demand to profit from it.” Hence their stable price clashes with the fluctuating prices at nearby popular diesel spots.

So this Shell station has sold diesel at $2.99 for a very long time despite the slow, steady price slip. I highlight this as “after the fact” proof of their price gouging during the hurricane season.

But hey! The people who control the price at that Shell station can’t be all bad. I mean, they only wanted to gouge military families in & around Shaw AFB who’ve risked their lives for years to bring stability to an oil-rich nation halfway around the world…