Nov 27 2008

So much for Chinese Democracy

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News reports now say Axl Rose got upset when Dr. Pepper failed to carry through on its promise to give everyone in America a drink (except for the boring guy who wears a tophat on stage plus some other ex-bandmate whose names I can barely recall).

I certainly didn’t get my free soda…

There’s more than a grain of truth to this. I tried most of the day on 23 November — and then again through 6pm on 24 November when DP announced they’d extend the offer — to sign up at Dr. Pepper’s website for a free soda. I never got a confirmation. Sometimes I couldn’t even get the signup page to load.

Personally, I think Dr. Pepper should screw (yes, screw) the American public. Any number of online contests claim they can screw the public if a computer virus gets loose on their own network. Dr. Pepper could simply say “we got attacked by the popularity of our light-hearted publicity stunt, so no one gets anything. Nyah!”

I’m totally serious. Dr. Pepper should do this. Why? Because we need to enforce the notion that companies don’t have to follow through on their offers if they screw up. I mean, if that’s what their legal team says they can do, then society should know it’s a real possibility…

Screw fiduciary and political and public relations policy. Enough said.