Feb 16 2009

Full apartment on the river

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The game is playing fast & furious. It’s only the second round, yet loose-aggressive “sydneyguyau” has figured out he can steal blinds from tight-solid “rsnbrgr” with predictable all-in gambits. “rsnbrgr” feels he can limp under the gun with pocket 6s because “sydneyguyau” will suspect him for a big pair. As expected, “sydneyguyau” only completes the small blind. It’s a limped family pot, five ways.

Full apartment on the river

Full apartment on the river

The flop brings a bottom full house for “rsnbrgr.” Better still, two aces hit the felt. If any of the four opponents has an ace, he’ll feel pretty confident right now. Everyone checks.

The turn brings a harmless looking 4. “rsnbrgr” makes a value bet into “kleiner0609,” who raises. Only “SanityGollum” flat-calls. “rsnbrgr” pushes all in, figuring one of them (or both!) has an ace. “kleiner0609″ calls, “SanityGollum” folds.

The hands turn over and “rsnbrgr” sees his opponent has A4, giving him a better full house on the turn. But the case 6 falls on the river. “kleiner0609″ improves his full house but falls to a full apartment…