Feb 24 2009

Quads on the turn

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It’s another 100/200 side table with aggressive players who prefer small-ish stacks. “tonyrama21″ limps. “pascual145″ raises only 2xBB with an unsuited big slick and “crackersone” calls from the SB with Route 66. “jjpjjpjjp” in the BB re-raises 3x with pocket jacks. “tonyrama21″ instantly folds.

Quads on the turn

Quads on the turn

It should be an all-in-or-fold moment for “pascual145,” as the pot will be 3x his remaining stack if he calls … but he obviously doesn’t understand pot odds, so he flat-calls. “crackersone” flat-calls, too: if she wins, she’ll now need to earn roughly 13k for her hand’s expected value.

The flop brings rainbow low cards. Anyone with a 5 is now chasing a straight — but “crackersone” nails top set. She bets a meek 1/5 of the pot. “jjpjjpjjp” raises another 1/3 of the pot with his jacks. “pascual145″ probably realizes his predicament, but he decides what-the-heck and discards his last 1,600 chips into the pot on the off-chance he might win. “crackersone” types “?????” into the chat box, then realizes he must be holding a high pair that he simply can’t let go. She pushes all in and he gleefully calls, just barely covering her stack.

The turn brings the case 6 and the river gives “pascual145″ a useless ace. “crackersone” turns over quads for a 26k pot — almost exactly double what she needed for her expected value…