Mar 09 2009

Quad salvation on the river

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The players have finally settled down to a real game of poker. “djbrewer” limps. “mcomic1,” with less than 2/3 of his original stack, min-raises with sailboats. “rsnbrgr” elects to flat-call with pocket tens; “djbrewer” flat-calls as well.

The flop brings both a 10 and a 4, creating a deadly set-over-set. “mcomic1″ makes a minimum bet to see if anyone will follow him to the river. “rsnbrgr” raises 10x, believing “mcomic1″ will foolishly look him up to see the turn card. “djbrewer” instantly mucks.

Quad salvation on the river

Quad salvation on the river

“mcomic1″ should go all in here, as he’ll only have 260 left if he flat-calls — but he just calls.

The turn brings a harmless card. “rsnbrgr,” who has repeatedly disconnected due to a poor Internet session, is forced to auto-check while disconnected. “mcomic1″ makes a dumb move, pushing all in — strategically, he should check behind, giving his opponent time to reconnect so he can milk him on the river. (We know “mcomic” has only a 2% chance of survival, but he thinks he’s winning). “rsnbrgr” reconnects and covers the all-in.

The players turn over their cards and “mcomic1″ realizes his predicament. But the river brings the case 4 and he doubles up…