Mar 14 2009

Straight flush on the river

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The players have settled down to a real poker tourney. “barbiedoll08″ limps under the gun on the short stack. Everyone folds around to “rsnbrgr,” who completes with a suited ace. “paukengott” checks his option.

Straight flush on the river

Straight flush on the river

The flop brings a nut flush draw for “rsnbrgr” with a straight flush redraw. Everyone checks. The turn pairs a 4 for “rsnbrgr.” Everyone checks again.

The river card gives “rsnbrgr” the stone cold nuts. Better yet: it completes numerous straights & flushes. “rsnbrgr” makes a brazen move and pushes all in on a pot with only 90 chips — figuring his two opponents either have nothing or they’ll pay any price.

“paulengott” calls a whopping 1,370 chips to claim 90 with nothing more than the low end of a straight. “barbiedoll08″ calls all-in to triple up with a nut straight when any flush will beat her. The brazen move by “rsnbrgr” turns 90 into 3,480 chips…