Mar 15 2009

Quads on the flop; a full apart­ment on the river

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A “slow speed” 100/200 side table has run for two hours with no brazen aggression from any player. But it’s late-night on a Saturday and that means a “cold deck” hand will almost certainly play out. Chip leader “rsnbrgr” has played 170+ hands in an ultra-conservative fashion at this table and he’s treating the blinds as mere antes.

Quads on the flop; a full apartment on the river

Quads on the flop; a full apart­ment on the river

“Hafast” limps under the gun; “niick84″ and “cheque07″ follow. “planetwoody” raises 6xBB with pocket queens. “ClarkCable” has just sat down with 40k and pushes it all in with pocket nines, possibly hoping to isolate. The button instantly folds. “rsnbrgr” has pocket kings in the SB and he, too, pushes it all in. “ProfPhluke” in the BB has only a suited T6 but he suddenly decides to gamble 20k. “planetwoody” decides to go up against the crowd and he pushes in his remaining 11k.

The flop brings quads for “rsnbrgr” and the river yields a full apart­ment for a 113k bonanza. Adding insult to injury: nobody else improved their hand by the river…