Mar 15 2009

Quads on the river

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The game has settled down after the first few wild opening hands. Three players limp, the SB folds, and “rsnbrgr” checks his option with muck. The pot has 135 chips.

Quads on the river

Quads on the river

The flop does nothing more for “rsnbrgr” than pair his 4. He checks. Chip leader “Altmar Mark” makes the minimum bet and everyone calls it. The pot now has 255 chips.

The turn gives “rsnbrgr” trips with a bad kicker. It gets checked around to “Lake0011,” a calling station who makes a minimum bet. “rsnbrgr” worries the player might be trying to sweeten the pot with a flush draw, so he re-raises roughly the pot to make it mathematically wrong to chase. Everyone folds around to “Lake0011″ who makes the call. The pot now has 735 chips.

The river brings the quad 4. “rsnbrgr” bets 5/7 of the pot because he believes the calling station will oblige him with any paired card or a pair. “Lake0011″ indeed calls for the loss with a full house — even though any pair above threes, any queen, and the case 4 beats him. “rsnbrgr” takes down a 1,735 pot…