Apr 13 2009

Full apartment on the turn

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It’s the ninth hand of a typical ULBPC tourney. Three players (who aren’t sitting out) are crippled with only 1/5 to 1/3 of their original stacks. That’s when “rsnbrgr” gets dealt pocket rockets.

“rsnbrgr” isn’t sure if the players have settled down yet. “CHERSH” is flush with chips and may be willing to defend his paltry SB with any two cards. “kastrodan” is up a third on his stack and he may be willing to gamble. Then there’s the three crippled stacks — any one of them might take a chance with any two cards.

Full apartment on the turn

Full apartment on the turn

“Isaboule1982″ folds under the gun, keeping her short stack. “rsnbrgr” knows his aces might get cracked if the other two shorties gang up on him — but it’ll only cost him 1/3 of his chips at most to tangle with either or both of them. He really wants one of the two larger stacks to call his all-in. If this scenario plays out, the small stack will only get 2:1 vs. aces while the chip leader will only get 1:1 in a larger side pot vs. aces. Only “rsnbrgr” can make a positive expected value in this situation.

“rsnbrgr” makes his move and “BLDBROS” obliges, calling off his small stack with a pathetic 54 offsuit. “kastrodan” and the other small stack elect to fold; “CHERSH” sacrifices the SB. The race is on.

“rsnbrgr” flops a full house for the win. Adding insult to injury: the turn brings the case ace for a full apartment. Topping it all off: the river pairs “BLDBROS” kicker — giving him a useless three pair that would lose to a guy with 62 offsuit…