Apr 13 2009

Quads on the flop on the very first hand

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It’s the very first hand in an ULBPC tourney. “rsnbrgr” gets dealt pocket queens.

Quads on the flop

Quads on the flop

A big pocket pair sometimes spells trouble on the first hand — but in this case “rsnbrgr” has a lot of factors working in his favor. He’s in middle position; the only two players at the table with aggressive names / avatars have already folded; and only one person has limped. The limper’s female avatar suggests she isn’t trapping and simply wants to enjoy the first hand. “rsnbrgr” is roughly 20:1 to find a higher pocket pair among the players yet to act. If he takes the vigorish with an all-in move in this situation, he’ll likely only face one or two callers.

“rsnbrgr” makes his move. “mythila” calls it from the cutoff with a suited JT (15% to win) while “lillo71986″ calls it from the BB with pocket sevens (18% to win). “rsnbrgr” flops quads and it’s all over — “mythila” can’t even hope for a straight flush with “rsnbrgr” holding the club queen…