May 15 2009

Memo to HQ 8AF/PA

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Dear sir / ma’am,

I mailed another FOIA letter this morning to your Detach­ment 1 at Barksdale AFB, LA — and this time I sent my letter by certified mail. Why? Because Det 1 doesn’t acknowledge my FOIA request. I must assume someone at Det 1 throws away my letters when they come in.

An open letter to the public affairs offi­cer at USAF’s head­quar­ters for the “Mighty Eighth” Num­bered Air Force

I said “letters,” plural: a single FOIA request sent more than once. Hence my decision to use certified mail. This time I’ll document the letter’s delivery.

If Det 1 doesn’t process this FOIA request, I’ll add a return receipt to the next letter. And I’ll reveal publicly who signed for it.

“Mr. Rosenberger, USAF processes all FOIA requests at higher headquarters. You could save everyone a lot of time by mailing it to the releasing office.” Believe me, I know.

You see, I feel USAF’s cyberspace warriors suffer from a pervasive “don’t share info with others” philosophy. I file FOIA requests with the document’s OPR whenever possible … because I like to study how they handle the request.