Aug 11 2010

RV departure checklist

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  1. Get your spare keys (just in case you lose the primary keys)
  2. Confirm you have up-to-date registration & insurance paperwork
  3. Check cold tire inflation — trailer 64psi; truck 60psi front, 79psi rear
  4. Turn RV battery switch ON
  5. Prep truck for departure
    1. Fill the reserve tank with 20-50 gallons
    2. Install SuperChips MAX-TOW configuration
    3. Extend the side mirrors
    4. Set up the CB  |  GPS  |  black box recorder
  6. Prep trailer for departure
    1. Prep the inside area
      1. Retract the roof antenna
      2. Tighten up the living room fan & bulb assembly if needed
      3. Close all window shades
      4. Stow any loose items on:
        Shower stall  |  Dressars  |  Table  |  Countertop  |  Desk area
      5. Shut off the following appliances:
        Water pump  |  Water heater  |  Heater/AC  |  All fans  |  All UPSs
      6. Position the following items for transport:
        Comfy chair  |  Desk chair  |  Step ladder  |  Barn owl figurine
      7. Secure the inner doors
    2. Retract all slides
      1. Check roof slides for pine cones and other debris
      2. Remove “noggin noodles” from bedroom slide
      3. Disconnect outside lines:
        Power  |  Water  |  Sewer  |  Cable  |  Phone
  7. Hitch trailer to truck
    1. Make sure you latched the tooth around the kingpin
    2. Make sure you locked & pinned the tooth bar
    3. Confirm the RV’s turn signals work properly
    4. Raise the rear legs first, then the front legs
    5. Stow the chocks
    6. Remove any other obstacles you might run over
  8. Travel to destination
    1. Take an odometer reading so you can track the trailer’s mileage
    2. Engage “tow” mode (the recessed button at the tip of the shift lever)

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