Mar 24 2003

609 IWS and 7102 CPUSS

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USAF historians (3H0x1) enjoy unfettered access to the entire archives of the Air Force Historical Research Agency. When I say “unfettered access,” I mean it. We also enjoy special access to the agency’s top brass, who always insist they serve us.

I sent an email to the all-powerful Dr. Warnock for a “lineage and honors” (L&H) on my alma mater, the Air Force’s first Information Warfare Squadron. I clearly stated it was not a duty issue; I just wanted to answer a question from one of my colleagues. Since it wasn’t really an official request, I decided “what the heck” and tacked on a query for the Air Force’s first Computer Services Squadron where I spent my initial active duty tour.

Dr. Warnock replied to me with all due speed. That’s the great thing about AFHRA — they believe there are no “unofficial” requests from a historian.

I present to you the verbatim official email from Dr. Warnock that you may cite as an authoritative primary source in the form of “Email, AFHRA (Dr. A. Timothy Warnock), to AFRC/HO (MSgt Robin Rosenberger), ‘Two units L&H,’ 24 Mar 03.” The contents of the email are publicly releasable. I thank Dr. Warnock for his long work to archive the history of the U.S. Air Force.

—–Original Message—–
From: Warnock Timothy GS-13 AFHRA
Sent: Monday, 24 March 2003 3:35 PM
To: Rosenberger Robin MSgt AFRC/HO
Subject: FW: Two units L&H

Sgt Rosenberger,

7102 Computer Services Sq (MAJCOM controlled, provisional squadron that no longer exists) was activated on 1 Jan 1972 at Lindsey AB, Germany and inactivated on 1 Oct 1984 at Ramstein AB, Germany.

609 Information Warfare Squadron (AF controlled, permanent squadron that still exists, awaiting reactivation) was activated on 28 Sep 1995 at Shaw AFB, SC and inactivated there on 30 Jun 1999.

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