Dec 22 2008

Straight flush on the turn

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“tahoelover50″ calls a minimum raise out of position with absolute muck — facing “BlufDBluffer” on the button whose suited ash-trey is way out in front (only because both players share a 3).

Straight flush on the turn

Straight flush on the turn

The flop gives both players a straight draw. “tahoelover50″ also gets a flush draw with a straight flush redraw; he checks. “BlufDBluffer” has paired his ace but checks as well, possibly fearing the hearts on the board.

The turn brings the straight flush. “tahoelover50″ makes a paltry minimum bet, perhaps hoping his opponent will raise with the flush king. “BlufDBluffer” has made a straight at this point; he calls even though any heart will beat him.

The river brings another ace. “tahoelover50″ makes another paltry minimum bet. “BlufDBluffer” may be slightly confused at making trips — remember, he’s already made a straight — and he calls for the loss.