Mar 14 2009

Quads on the flop

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It’s the fourth round of a typical ULBPC tourney, waiting for the bubble to burst. “rsnbrgr” has bided his time with conservative play. He has M=23, Q=0.9 and decides to prospect with pocket 7s. Chip leader “and2471″ oddly elects to sacrifice the SB. “megakeeper” checks his option.

Quads on the flop

Quads on the flop

The flop gives “rsnbrgr” quads, but there’s a big problem: the board has no straight draws, only a flush draw. “rsnbrgr” checks because he knows the other players must reach the river to catch something useful. It gets checked around.

The turn brings a ten and a second flush draw. It gets checked around to “Lucky Dewey” on the button, who meekly bets the minimum. “rsnbrgr” feels his opponent may only be sweetening the pot with a drawing hand (89, 8J, 9J, or something suited). He elects to flat-call; “megakeeper” folds.

The river brings an offsuit 5, one of the truly useless cards in the deck — it kills every draw. “rsnbrgr” bets 3/5 of the pot and prays his opponent has pocket 5s. But “Lucky Dewey” simply folds, depriving “rsnbrgr” of his expected value for the hand…