Mar 19 2009

Quad salvation on the river

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This ULBPC table has settled down a bit. Three players limp into the hand and the SB completes. “big al4444″ exercises his option to raise 6xBB; everyone but the SB calls it. The pot has 510 chips.

Quads on the river destroys a made full house on the turn

Quads on the river destroys a made full house on the turn

“BigNick77777″ called the pre-flop raise with pocket eights and gets rewarded with top set. But rainbow low cards on the flop hint at some dangerous straight draws. “big al4444″ now realizes he’s out of position, so he meekly bets 120 to see where he stands (signaling he’s got big slick or big chick). Everyone flat-calls it, much to his dismay. The pot has 990 chips, nearly equal to each of his opponents’ stacks.

The turn brings another 6 — “BigNick7777″ has filled up and no longer fears a straight or flush. Better yet for him: “granny love” has turned trips, ace high. “big al4444″ makes another meek bet out of position to see where he stands. “BigNick77777″ makes a minimum raise to keep him in the pot. Suddenly, “granny love” pushes all in over the top. “big al4444″ finally mucks his hand and “BigNick77777″ gleefully calls it for everything he’s got.

The players turn over their cards and “granny love” sees the bad news. But the river brings the case 6 and “BigNick77777″ busts out to quads. “granny love” rakes in a 3,290 pot.