Jul 29 2009

Another trek to visit my wife’s grave

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I remember Danny Kaye’s incredible performance in The New Twilight Zone episode “Paladin of the Lost Hour.” He plays a widower visiting his wife’s grave, who bumps into a Vietnam veteran standing at his buddy’s grave. Harlan Ellison himself wrote the script.

Front side of our gravestone

Front side of our gravestone

Kaye displays the incredible emotion of true love, heart­broken in the scene where he tells his new pal about his wife:

She was everything to me. The nice part was that I knew how important we were to each other; we discussed, well, just everything. I miss that the most, telling her what’s going on.

I go to see her every other day. I used to go every day. But. It. Hurt. Too much.

The first two sentences struck a chord with me waaay back when I first saw it. Kaye took Ellison’s dialog … and poured twenty years of pain into it.

I smiled inwardly when Kaye passed away. “He exited the stage with a great final performance,” I thought to myself.

I recalled Ellison’s dialog on this latest visit to my wife’s grave. I miss telling her what’s going on. I can only visit her now to feel the pain of my loss. It doesn’t. Yet. Hurt. Too much…