Aug 27 2009

I-Wireless aircards can’t reach Wikipedia

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{See comments for an update}

GPRS carrier I-Wireless (a T-Mobile affiliate) stopped providing routes to sometime in the last few weeks. Other wired & wireless carriers know the data path to Wikipedia’s servers.

I swear — the customer service rep had never heard of Wikipedia…

I let it go for weeks because I can read Wiki pages via Google’s cache. Tonight, though, I finally got fed up. “Didn’t anyone else notice this problem?” I asked myself. So I sat down to do some research on the problem.

It’s not a DNS issue: I can resolve an IP address for both and I simply can’t traceroute to a Wikipedia IP address, nor can I ping it (obviously). A bit of research leads me to suspect a misconfigured ACL on one of two routers, either or

I called I-Wireless to report it. The young female customer support rep insisted at first that is to blame. Now, I often struggle to maintain my composure when a service rep who didn’t do an ounce of research into the problem contradicts what I’m looking at right there on my screen. But this girl sounded pretty so, yeah, I maintained my composure.

I drilled her a bit on knowledge. Among other things, I discovered she’s never heard of Wikipedia. Good grief — am I the only Iowa resident who uses one of the world’s most popular websites?

She didn’t know what a traceroute is, either. Eventually she revealed that she’s only trained to help people configure their Internet aircards. Customer service ends when you can reach “Fair enough,” I thought. I need to ratchet up to Tier 2.

I asked if she’d file a tech service request. She gladly agreed to do so … but I didn’t hear any keyboard activity on her end, so I’m not going to hold my breath.

Here I sit in my RV, unable to surf to Wikipedia from my I-Wireless aircard. Bummer.

  • By Rob RosenbergerNo Gravatar, 27 August 2009 @ 9:22 pm

    My I-Wireless aircard now routes to This means two things. First, it means the customer service rep DID submit a trouble ticket up the chain. Second, we can safely infer the problem was on their end.

    I’m still scratching my head over the whole “am I the only aircard user in IOwa who surfs to Wikipedia?” thing…

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