Aug 30 2009

Plush toy fail

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Like many people, I drop off still-useful clothes & equipment at a local Goodwill Center. I’ve turned into a bit of a hound about it since my wife died. Heck, I once dropped off nearly a dozen desktop computers & peripherals I no longer needed.

Let's hope it came from a plush toy doctor's bag

Let's hope it came from a plush toy doctor's bag

So anyway, I dropped by with some more kitchen utensils and a gravy boat I don’t need. What do I find on the ground next to my tire? A plush toy syringe.

Made in China, no doubt. “No,” I didn’t touch it. But I did take the photo you see here.

I actually stood there wondering “who gives their kids a plush toy syringe to play with in this day & age?”

Let’s hope it fell out of a plush toy doctor’s bag. Or a maybe it came with a Stickle-Me Elmo pediatric diabetes instruction booklet. I’d hate to think you can buy a plush toy crack house. “Oh sure, it teaches kids to support their local economy. You’ll find them in aisle 17 next to the children’s meth laboratory set…”