Dec 08 2009 customer support fail

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On 1 Sep 09, I went to to report a bad box of Twix bars purchased for a snack fund. Twix didn’t respond to my comment. I filed an updated comment a few days later with more info. Again, Twix didn’t respond.

I offered to ship anything back to Twix for QA if they wanted to inspect it. Both times I requested to help me swap out the bad Twix bars. Seeing as how I never got a response, I finally decided to post it here.

What gives? failed to respond to two online reports of a bad box of candy bars.

Our snack fund ended up taking a loss on the bad bars.

Details: I purchased a box of 36 bars a week earlier (late August) at the Sam’s Club in Columbia, SC at I-77 exit 12 just outside the Fort Jackson military installation. The wrappers were coded “923DSCLV07″ and the box was coded “923DSCLV02 14:15″ showing “best before 06/2010.”

I reported the box itself showed no damage when purchased. Upon opening it, we discovered one wrapper failed to seal when a cookie didn’t get all the way into the wrapper and got chopped off. I reported the other 35 wrappers showed no damage.

I reported we’d sold seven bars when we heard complaints of crushed cookies. An inspection of the 28 remaining bars revealed roughly 1/3 of the wrappers felt like they contained one crushed cookie plus one good cookie. Tactile inspection suggested three styles of damage, so I opened three wrappers to confirm it. These wrappers indeed contained three different styles of damage: a crush along the cookie’s center line leaving crumbs in the wrapper; a partial cookie that fell away before the wrapper was sealed, leaving crumbs in the wrapper; and an intact cookie with a damaging crease along the center line, leaving no crumbs in the wrapper.

My initial report to failed to say the bad bars were scattered throughout the box. It implies they got damaged before getting packed in the box.

In my updated report to, I said we discovered one wrapper with a ripped crease along the bottom folded seal. The wrapper contained a crushed cookie. I inspected its contents before throwing it away. I noticed the wrapper failed to seal properly at the tip of one end, perhaps as if the sealing machine grabbed the wrapper incorrectly. We immediately inspected the remaining wrappers for improper seals and/or damage along the bottom seam. We found no more hidden problems.