Aug 09 2008


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The title of this blog is a combination of one man’s Air Force career field (he retired as a Historian Superintendent), and the fact he fell in love with the Kenworth T2000 truck when it first came off the assembly line. He didn’t want to give his blog a boring generic name like “” … yet he couldn’t think of anything better to call it.

Kenworth logo, 3H091 license plate

Kenworth logo, 3H091 license plate

This is a personal domain for Rob Rosenberger, one of the “original” computer virus experts from the 1980s who co-founded Vmyths, a critically acclaimed website that debunks computer security hysteria. He later founded and You can write to him at his personal email address,

People sometimes ask Rob if he’d like to sell the Kumite .com/net/org domains. Sure! If you want to buy them, it’s US$100K for the bundle. Period. No negotiation.